September 26, 2016

Many of our visitors to the Cassadaga Spiritualist Psychic Center follow their reading with a stroll to the nearby Spirit Pond, which has a beautiful energy and atmosphere for contemplation.

Our families at times cause each of us conflicts as no one has the perfect family. We must remember that it is easy to at times say mean and cruel things to family members but these can last a life time for someone. Because we spend so much time with some of our family it is easy for them to get on our nerves. Remember words can last a life time, so chose your words carefully. It is too late to take back what we said after we have said it. Be the better person and don't say anything you might regret or better yet, just walk away.

Love, Kathy

The third Mercury retrograde 2016 cycle has ended on Sept 22, 2016. This means we can all get back to getting things done. The end of summer has come and we are now ready for fresh starts with the beginning of fall. All of us will be more successful in our endeavors now that the retrograde period has ended. For those wanting to start new relationships this is the perfect time. You will not be as shy, or have self-esteem issues as in a retrograde time frame. So go get your social mojo going! Finances should also improve in this time frame. So if you have wanted a career change go for it. Remember December 19 - Jan 8 2017 is the next retrograde period.

 Please keep us in mind for Halloween, we will start our annual decorating soon.

 Love and Happiness to All,   Kathy

So often, when visitors come to the Cassadaga Spiritualist Psychic Center, they tell us the story of how they started the day spontaneously deciding to come here. Almost as if they woke up that morning and Cassadaga was calling to them.

Many of the residents and mediums in Cassadaga were called here in a similar way, often via dreams of this place, or getting messages from spirit guides that it was time to make a journey here. When you are called to visit Cassadaga, or you are even just curious about a place that has been called “The Psychic Capital of the World,” it often means that you are beginning a spiritual journey of your own, or that you are being called to develop your own psychic or intuitive gifts.

The founder of Cassadaga was called here in this way: At twelve years old, George Colby was visited by the spirit of his uncle, who told him about his psychic gift and that he would found a great spiritual center in South. You could say that the place called to him quite specifically, because he was led by an Indian spirit guide named Seneca to the exact location of Cassadaga.

When you visit us at the Cassadaga Spiritualist Psychic Center, you will find that our location is right at the heart of the powerful natural energy vortex that is Cassadaga. Our entrance faces the main drag, Cassadaga Road, a throroughfare walked by psychics, mediums, and curious visitors since the Victorian era. Over and over again, we have heard intuitives, psychics, and empaths comment on the power not just of our channeled messages for them, but also that their own gifts are awakened in our place.

If you are drawn here, it is for a reason, and it is time to discover what the call to Cassadaga is about for you! While the town is known for its ghosts and paranormal activity as well, people with intuitive or spiritual gifts often comment on how it triggers a kind of awakening in them. They describe a lighter, brighter energy that makes them feel they have had a burden lifted from their shoulders, or others report sensing angelic help.

In Ireland, people call places like Cassadaga “the thin places” because the veil between this world and the next one is quite thin. Even people who are natural skeptics are opened to realms of other possibilities. Couples also experience a kind of heightened romantic mood, and people who are caught in a kind of rut in their lives have their eyes opened to possibilities and magic.

So when you come to see us at the Cassadadga Spiritualist Psychic Center and you hear about your past, present, and future, you will feel exceptionally open to change, new love, new possibilities, and to the magic that is all around us if we will just notice it. Cassadaga is a place where it just happens to make us notice it and feel it more clearly.

Are you ready for magic in your life? Love, money, travel, all of those things that wake us up again, come through in the readings we do throughout the most normal week in Cassadaga.

It is the place where you remember anything can happen! Come see us at the Cassadaga Spiritualist Psychic Center and discover the power of this place, and a newfound power of your own.

October 10, 2016

January 4th, 2019

Do you see the numbers 11:11 frequently?  Seeing these numbers in this sequence means you are on the right path and are headed in the right direction for your personal fulfillment. These numbers mean your angel guides are with you and sending you a message to continue on your path. Your path will be successful and you will see positive dramatic change in your endeavors.
You must follow your intuition at that particular moment and not waver on your decisions, the angels are directing you towards positive results.

So the next time you see 11:11 stop and recognize the significance of that moment.



Is Cassadaga Calling to You in the New Year?


August 28,2016

​Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by hurricane Matthew.